food, fun and art


TodoMundo is the convergence of the multiple Portuguese-speaking culture and expressions spread throughout the world, from the Amazon to the Zambezi, from Africa to Brazil - gastronomy, sounds, dances, images and, of course, the debate of ideas with a dash of poetry.


Those who enter and climb, enjoy vatapá, caruru, cachupa, feijoada and codfish cakes. Those who enter and descend, dance the semba, the samba, the kizomba and the forró. On quiet evenings, we fill our hearts with chorinho and jazz. During or outside meals, we sample terroir wines, created with respect for nature.


Since all is not from within, Todomundo is a open gate to the good news of the periphery, artists and their forms, plastic and fluid, emerging or famous. Our house is inclusive and thirsty for knowledge: it's the epicenter, it's Lisbon, it's TodoMundo.